GAMSBOKK | Mt. Vinson

by Pascal Rohé

Everything begins with an idea, the idea to create something new, or the idea to make an existing thing even better. Gamsbokk, the still quite young clothing company from Germany, grew from such an idea, from the drive towards perfection in clothing that will meet the highest expectations. Quality workmanship, performance materials and always striving for that something extra. Bringing all their experience to the products, and not quitting, never quitting, until it is perfect. So, Gamsbokk’s collection is still quite small, but I like it enormously.


The word “Gamsbokk” is a word play for the male Chamois (in German, Gams, a species of goat antelope). Chamois are known for their excellent ability to adapt to all weather conditions in the mountain terrain where they live. So it’s no surprise that Gamsbokk chose to name themselves after this animal, and that their clothing line reflects the animal’s adaptability and resilience.
Here, we have the opportunity to take a closer look at the Mt. Vinson Jacket.


The Mt. Vinson Jacket


The Mt. Vinson is named after the highest mountain in Antarctica. Now, the Mt. Vinson jacket is not exactly designed for polar expeditions but it answers the same high demands of keeping the wearer warm and dry. This duty falls, first and foremost, upon the 110g/m² G-Loft® Insulation. G-Loft® has many amazing properties. For example, the dual-component fibre has a memory effect; no matter how much the jacket goes through or how often it‘s washed, the fibres always return to the same position and so the jacket never loses its high level of insulation. Further, the material is exceptionally light and compresses down a lot, and it continues to keep the wearer warm even in wet conditions because the fibres don‘t absorb moisture. And finally, G-Loft® breathes, so it regulates its warmth. Also, G-Loft® is synthetic so it’s also suitable for people who suffer from allergies.
The jacket’s fitted cut is simple and classic, and sports horizontal stitching. There are two large side pockets at hip level, in which are hidden drawstrings for adjusting the jacket’s fit. The pockets have YKK zippers with nylon tabs, making them easy to do up even when wearing gloves. At the top of each is a zipper garage. The front zipper also has a nylon tab and a chin protector.


I especially like the two large inner pockets. These are designed so that they are easy to access with the opposite hand. They are made of a sturdy mesh and can be used not only to store valuables but also to dry small items of clothing using your body heat.


The jacket comes with a small bag in matching colour for compressing and storing the jacket for transport.


But Gamsbokk would not be Gamsbokk if they were satisfied with only the above-mentioned features. In the non-detachable hood is a second hood, especially designed for when you are wearing a helmet. The neoprene-like material can be worn between the head and the helmet and is so thin that it doesn‘t affect the wearing of the helmet. It is also really warm and, what’s more, it moves with your head so it doesn’t block your sideways view. The inner hood is removable but is also light enough that it doesn’t get in the way when you’re not wearing a helmet. An ingenious idea that I learnt to appreciate while biking in cooler temperatures. Also, there’s a drawstring at the back of the main hood for optimising the fit.


Conclusion: The Mt. Vinson from Gamsbokk is more than a good-looking and practical jacket. It can be worn at zero degree temperatures, or as a mid-layer in combination with a Hard Shell in sub-zero temperatures. The double hood is perfect for anyone who wears a helmet whether it be for work or sport, and gives the jacket that extra something. Though part of me wishes that Gamsbokk stays an insider-secret for the select few, I do of course wish the company every success. Which is certain to happen if Gamsbokk continues to follow their high standards and create such excellent products.





(Photography: Julia Zierer for Outdoor Aesthetics)