Haglöfs | LIM Down

by Pascal Rohé


The LIM DOWN sleeping bag from Haglöfs is with 480g truly a lightweight. Designed for speed hiking and running, the LIM can also be used on other occasions and sports where weight reduction and a high performance is needed.




In order to save each needless gram, Haglöfs entirely dispensed the zipper. Therefore you slip into the sleeping bag like in a full body sock. What sounds complicated, proves in practice far from being uncomfortable. Instead with a side access, as in a conventional sleeping bag with a zipper, you have to compress the bag in direction to the bottom first, slip in with your feet and then pull the rest up.



The LIM has a length of 195cm and a width of 60cm at the upper part, 40cm at the foot section. I was a little skeptical when I saw the size specification of 195cm if I could spend a comfy night with my body height of 190cm and was pleasantly surprised. Even with my size I spent a very comfortable night and missed no extra centimeters.




The sleeping bag is designed with a comfort temperature for women to +6 degrees. Unfortunately I could only test it at +9 degrees only wearing underwear and spent an extremely warm night. And I see this as the, albeit small catch. It is quite difficult to regulate the indoor temperature. In a sleeping bag with zipper it’s possible to open the side, for example, to slightly regulate the temperature by letting cool air in. In this case the open end of the LIM, which can be opened and closed with a simple string, is usefull for temperature regulation, but not perfect. The opening at the lower end has another advantage. You can use the LIM as a kind of blanket for chill evenings at the camp fire or you can lie in it with dressed shoes or boots, if you just want to take a quick nap without taking your shoes off.




In the hood is a string for adjusting the size like in the foot section.
At the foot section are two hangers attached, for example, suspend the LIM for ventilation.





The quilted constructed insulation is filled with goose down with a 800 fill. The down and all other materials are bluesign certified. This means that all materials of the LIM are at least 90% free of harmful substances for the protection of the environment and your own health.




VERDICT: I’m convinced by the LIM DOWN by its extremely small pack size, very low weight and high performance in the temperature range of +5 to +10 degrees. 400 euros are not what I call a bargain, but with the bluesign certificate you buy a high-quality product that protects health and environment which is an important issue. On that note, the LIM stands for its name: Less Is More.




Images: Pascal Rohé