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08 Jun GOBAG. Vacuum Compress 70L of Luggage Into a 35L Carry-on.

GOBAG is a new luggage concept featuring the Max Pack Bag compression system that can vacuum compress 70 litres of soft gear into a 35-litre carry-on.

This innovative feature includes a vacuum valve and is made of a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) coated fabric, which is commonly used in the construction of inflatable power-boats.

“GOBAG’s simple and robust design is engineered to last a lifetime,” says James Fyfe, founder of GOBAG. “The outer bag is constructed from only two pieces of TPU-coated ballistic nylon. This ‘less is more’ design approach is continued throughout the product”.

The Full Edge Zip enables quicker access to your gear when you need it. The single zip is more than two metres long and runs along the entire edge of the back and side panels in an S shape. The included detachable clear wash bag means an end to wasting time at airport security – your liquids and pastes are ready to go from the off.

GOBAG will be launched exclusively on crowd-funding website Kickstarter on 20th May 2015. The goal is raise £60,000 to finance the initial production run. Pledge tiers start from £90/$140USD for the bag, with shipping set to commence in October 2015.



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