• Nike Nikelab ACG Preview Event Soto Store Berlin
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One day before the official sales launch NikeLab invites to an exclusive preview of the new HO’15 Nikelab ACG Collection. This time the clean and crisp designed pieces are artfully presented at the SOTO Store in Berlin.

Nikelab presents the fourth season of the revamped ACG collection just in time for winter.

“The city is the ultimate landscape,” explains NikeLab Senior Design Director Jarrett Reynolds. “It’s home to a number of different activities and microclimates. Just think—you may be biking through the freezing rain one minute and then jockeying for space in a stuffy subway the next. The NikeLab ACG collection is designed specifically to enable movement and provide weather protection for whatever the city throws at you.”

Designed as an all-day sport-utility system, the Holiday 2015 NikeLab ACG collection combines ACG’s outdoor legacy and a function-meets-street aesthetic with sport style innovations in outerwear and footwear. Case in point: the NikeLab ACG 2-in-1 Long Bomber Jacket introduces a strap system that allows the athlete to wear it like a backpack when moving from outdoors to indoors. Apparel also features pockets strategically placed to store items such as cellphones, headphones and water bottles. Each item is made to move with the wearer, thanks to minimal seams and joint articulation, while performance materials such as Gore-Tex®, Nike Tech Fleece and Nike Dri-FIT Wool offer versatile weather protection.

The NikeLab ACG Flyknit Lupinek SFB features a blend of waterproof leather and water-resistant Flyknit to deliver warmth, breathability and weather protection. Memory foam in the collar provides extra comfort and stability, while the Nike Free-inspired SFB outsole enables natural motion. A blend of sticky and hard rubber delivers added traction and durability.

Unmistakably Acronym co-founder Errolson Hugh has contributed the biggest part to the design. The new collection has clear parallels with the current Acronym collection. Clean lines, beautiful details, hidden pockets and high functionality. All in all a great and well designed collection.




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