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01 Okt The Tempest ft. Surf World Champion Stephanie Gilmore

The Tempest featuring Stephanie Gilmore, was directed by one of the most prolific in the surf film and photography game, Mr Jon Frank. Monster Children headed to the far reaches of the Indonesian archipelago in search of the perfect right to compliment Steph’s surfing, and well, they found it. The accompanying track is performed by classically trained Italian pianist and composer Alberto Bof, a feature of an early 1900’s piece by Ravel, „Jeux d’eau”. Enjoy!

„Stephanie is an original badass. She surfs like people should surf and plays music from her soul. She’s interested in a variety of topics outside of riding waves. She’s got an eclectic and diverse group of friends and followers all around the world. She’d be just as comfortable in her skin if nobody knew who she was. My mom wrote me yesterday and said she is a Stephanie groupie and she just loves her whole deal. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who has anything but praise for her. She’s not complicated like most women seem to be and knows how she wants to live and what she wants. What else can I say?“
– Kelly Slater, 11-time world surfing champion. 



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