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19 Okt Coldsmoke – The Tech Harington & Tech Bomber Jacket

There aren’t that many brands that share our sense of aesthetics for outdoor products. Of course, the once niche market for, let’s call it Outdoor Lifestyle, continues to grow larger every day, but still only a select few companies have succeeded in the art of creating clothing that is both urban and functional.

Coldsmoke from sunny Venice, California, is one of the few exceptional brands that have mastered this. With Coldsmoke, it’s not about bringing out a completely new collection every season. It’s about curating a small range of products where every piece is well designed and thought through. Particular focus is placed on the selection of the materials used. Using stuff like GoreTex would be too simple. Instead, they search specifically for quality alternatives like eVent. which contribute to the special quality of every item of clothing. For Coldsmoke, it’s also part of their ideal not to outsource the production of their products but to make them right there in California. Which I kind of like.

We would like to introduce you to two jackets from the current collection, both eminently suitable for the current changeable autumn weather.


The Tech Harington Jacket

Coldsmoke’s Tech Harrington Jacket is an ode to the classic British racing jacket. Make from breathable, waterproof and windproof Japanese-made eVent fabric and lined with a unique Swiss camo print, the Tech Harrington is a sleek and functional lightweight layer designed to be worn on its own in spring and summer, and as a weather-repellent layer in fall and winter.

Details include antique brass magnetic snap closures at the wrists and collar, and a zippered interior media pocket.

What makes the jacket particularly special is the combination of the timeless design with modern high-performance materials.


The Tech Bomber Jacket

Blending technical materials with classic styling is Coldsmoke’s forte, and they don’t come more classic than the bomber jacket. For this modern update Coldsmoke took a minimal approach by using only a single layer of Japanese soft-shell waterproof fabric bonded with plush fleece lining.

They trimmed it with heavy-duty ribbing custom knit in California, and finished it off with American-made waterproof zippers. Inner details include contrasting gold nylon binding and an internal media pocket.

The result is a cold-weather bomber jacket built to perform in the elements while maintaining a classic high-ride and rugged look.



 Photography by Julia Zierer for Outdoor Asthetics


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