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27 Okt Bivak Pod Skuto on Slovenia’s Skuta Mountain

It’s hard to believe but the purpose of this well designed cabin is to give shelter to hikers to protect them from ice, rain, snow storms and cold temperatures.
Ljubljana-based OFIS Architects and structural engineers from London-based AKT II, in collaboration with students from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, designed Bivak Pod Skuto to withstand extreme weather conditions on Slovenia’s Skuta Mountain.

The bivouac was built in 2015 as a replacement for an older structure that occupied the same location in the previous decades. It is situated at 2045 meters (6709 feet) above sea level, underneath the southern walls of Skuta Mountain. The bivouac comprises three modules made out of glass, larch wood and various recycled materials that blend into its surroundings. It offers spectacular views of the Ljubljana Basin and the surrounding peaks, to which a couple of marked trails lead from the bivouac’s vicinity.

Photos by @jakabulc

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