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05 Jan Outdoor Aesthetics Trend Survey – The Summary

About the survey

Outdoor apparel has become a major trend. People now like to wear and integrate it in their daily routine. Products once designed for nature and survival have become fashionable. But still many outdoor companies are too fixated on performance while sports- and streetwear brands are often lacking the quality and versatility.

To fill the gap BRIGHT will bring Outdoor Aesthetics as a new concept and space to the next show. We will feature brands that master the challenge, using high-tech materials and contemporary design to differentiate their products from traditional markets. Here, function meets style.

BRIGHT and Outdoor Aesthetics asked in December 2016 their exhibitors (brands), partners (retailers and media) and readers to take part in a short survey to verify the new approach.


Summary of the survey

In short, the results show that an overwhelmingly majority, almost 95% of the participants, think tech materials and functions will play a much greater role in the street and sports market in the future, while clothing will be the product segment which will be affected most. Brands like The North Face, Patagonia and Nike (ACG) are seen as leading the game right now. This correlates with the fact that slightly over 82% perceive that the trend has its regional center in North America, followed by Scandinavia (65%) and Central Europe (41%).

In the latter case, the brands named most often are surprisingly very small companies compared to the corporate giants mentioned above. Especially Heimplanet, a young German brand initially focused on outdoor accessories, and Acronym, the tech label run by designer Errolson Hugh, seem to have the momentum on their side. Another smaller brand, which breaks the ranks as well, is quality conscious Coldsmoke (USA). Interestingly Japanese minimalist Snow Peak is the only representative for the relatively huge Asian market.

Speaking of markets, quality, comfort, design and functionality are regarded as very or at least important factors for the rise of the Outdoor Aesthetic movement in general. Also the respondents view sustainability as a quite important characteristic and to a lesser extent versatility or price, which hints to a rather affluent consumer base. Eventually, 72% consider to visit Outdoor Aesthetics @ BRIGHT in January, where they will have the chance to experience 17 brands, such as Heimplanet or Snow Peak, on site.


We are proud to welcome following brands at the Bright Tradeshow:
– Alchemy Equipment
– Arys
– Deejo
– Dosh
– Everyman
– Ficouture
– Garmin
– Heimplanet
– Hippytree

– Jeckybeng
– Keen
– Leatherman
– Man Of Moods/Mountain Of Moods
– Nameless
– Oru Kayak
– Otter Messer
– Snow Peak
– Stanley

Supported by:
– Another Escape
– Ernest Journal
– Field Notes
– Go Out
– Les Others
– Sidetracked
– Stay Wild
– The Rolling Home


Download the media kit here or contact us


Please feel free to use and share the survey results, but please don’t forget links and credits. Thanks!

Outdoor Aesthetics

Bright Tradeshow


We are looking forward seeing you in Berlin!
17.-19. January 2017
Arena, Am Flutgraben, 12435 Berlin, Germany





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