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12 Jan The NexTool EDC pocket-tool collection

The everyday carry trend is enjoying an increasing demand. There have never been so many pocket tools and gadgets out there, designed to be carried for your daily needs.

The good old pocket knife is a classic example but many things changed in the past years. However, the new generation of tools has been designed to be more elaborate and more versatile to match the needs of the individual wearer.
The brand NexTool is no exception. The new collection offers a whole range of products, which simplify everyday life and are on the spot when you need them.

Here are our favorite pieces:

The TaoTool Box Opener
The TaoTool is designed to safely and easily open boxes and has a Teflon coated finish. It can cut thicker package without worrying damaging the products inside. It can be used as a rope cutter and folding knife. The ISPO Award winning key-sized multi-tool easily attaches to your key ring, fits great in any pocket and is with its 32g easy to keep anywhere.

The Happy Hero Pocket-Tool
The Happy Hero pocket-tool merges 4 tools in 1. Starting with two screwdriver sizes, a bottle opener, a nail puller and it can be used as a wrench for 5 different screw sizes. With only 21g it’s the perfect edc tool for your key chain.

The Monster Mouth Pocket-Tool
Guess where the Monster Mouth got its name from. The characteristic of this tool is the large opening for opening bottles. Like its brother, the Happy Hero, it offers a variety of wrenches for 7 different screw sizes and 2 srewdrivers.

The com2eat Pocket Spoon
The Teflon coated com2eat combines a spoon, fork, bottle opener and screwdriver in one tool. Easy to carry with your keys and always on the spot when needed. With just 27g in weighs practically nothing.

The KniSFor Camping Cutlery
The ISPO Award winning Knisfor is a knife-fork-spoon combo made of stainless steel and weighs only 68g. The integrated and compact design makes it easy to pack and carry and improves the outdoor dining experience or in case you need a fork or spoon for your lunch break. The sharp and sturdy knife is also a good backup when you are on an outdoor trip.

The Defender Tactical Pen
The Defender KT5503 offers emergency assistance, writing and self defense functions and it pass through airport and train station security. The tail of this tool is hardened with a special tungsten carbide, making it effective as a striking head. The body of the pen uses 6061-T6 anodized aerospace grade materials meeting US military grade III standards of hardness. The core of the pen uses the original US Fisher outer space pen core, known for strength and durability. The well integrated design is simple but visually impressive.


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