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28 Jul The Outlier Ultrahigh Quadzip backpack

The Outlier Ultrahigh Quadzip, a lightweight and stable backpack made out of Dyneema Composite with a quadzip system for swift tri-directional access.

A bag so lightweight it almost wears like air when empty. Ultrahigh Dyneema Composite was designed to have almost zero stretch, even on the bias. This means it is far harder for objects to shift around while the bag is in motion. With traditional bags the body must subconsciously adjust to the constant micro-shifts of a bag’s contents. With the Ultrahigh these micro-stresses disappear creating a more balanced bag that allows for a beautiful peace of movement.

Ultrahigh Dyneema Composite is a direct descendent of a fabric that revolutionized racing sails, the key is in how lightweight and dimensionally stable it is. The fabric is constructed at Dyneema’s facility in Mesa, Arizona using a highly proprietary process in which nonwoven strands of Dyneema fibers are embedded into BoPET and then bonded to a polyester face. The result is a fabric that is lightweight yet strong and with a remarkable dimensional stability to create functionally better bags. More than that the fabric also takes on a dark angular texture that deepens with age like a space age version of leather.

The Quadzip is ’stolen‘ straight from Outlier’s friends Boreas. It’s dead simple too, take a standard „O open“ backpack zipper and add extra „Y open“ pulls on either end of the zipper chain. Four zipper pulls in total and three ways to get into the bag for superior ease and access.

Sometimes the best features are total surprises. Outlier never engineered this pack to be gentle on clothing, it’s just a nice side effect of building a pack out of better materials. The Dyneema content allows to use a softer and smoother face fabric than traditional bags, and they carefully avoided using velcro or any exposed meshes. The net result is a bag that is less likely to cause pilling or excessively wear on nice clothes, and that means it can be worn wider and farther, which is the whole point of a bag anyway!



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