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13 Okt Open: The Axe Shop from Best Made & new axe designs

Best Made is proud to introduce a new online resource designed to inform and inspire your next purchase of a Best Made axe. Take the axes for 360° spins, learn about the designs, materials, and the lore behind one of the oldest tools known to humankind – only at The Axe Shop.

Introducing Four New Axes
Winsome Whim, Radiant Beauty, Smithereens, and the unmistakable Hot Hold (Best Made’s first charred axe). The axe was the tool that got Best Made its start, and it’s rare that they release new designs; each of these are hand-painted, packed in wood wool, and securely stowed in a hand-made wooden crate. Shipped the world over, Best Made axes are the prized showpiece of any notable collection.





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