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22 Nov BURTON One World – A film that celebrates the global connection we all share through our love of snowboarding

We live in times of hardship. It is particularly difficult not to be allowed to travel as we’re used to. For many outdoor enthusiasts, this is arduous to endure, especially for those who, like us, live in the city and have to go a long way to get to the mountains.

A little encouragement from Burton Snowboards comes at just the right time.

The new film One World celebrates the global connection we all share through our love of snowboarding, our respect for the environment and our desire to discover what’s next.





The film shows breathtaking camera perspectives, fascinating landscape and city shots around the world, incredibly talented riders and a unique, unifying homage to the love and passion for snowboarding. The film lasts about 45 minutes and can be seen on Amazon Prime.


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