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09 Jul The Oru Kayak Coast+

Three years after Oru Kayak launched its origami‐inspired and award-winning Bay kayak, the company is poised to push the outdoor world one step further with the new Coast expedition kayak. While the original Oru kayak, the Bay, redefined access to the outdoors, the Coast aims to redefine adventure for the outdoor community. The Coast collection, which includes the Coast and the Coast+, launched on Kickstarter end of May.


The Coast collection is designed for long days on choppy seas, with weather-tested improvements and multi-purpose design, fit for all types of paddlers. Inspired by traditional Arctic kayaks, the Coast is capable of serious expeditions and pro-level performance. It performs beautifully on the water, where its size and form give it superb speed and handling. It’s also amazingly smooth, fast and fun for anyone—even novice paddlers.


Like its groundbreaking predecessor, the Coast unfolds from box to boat in 10 minutes or less, using the same patented technology. At 16 feet (488 cm) long and only 31 pounds (14.1 kg) pounds, the Coast is also portable and convenient, easily thrown in a trunk, checked on a plane, or carried on your back. Also launched on Kickstarter is the Coast+, the premium version of the Coast. The Coast+ was created for the most adventurous paddlers. Besides having all of the Coast specs and features, it’s designed for even more control, convenience, comfort, and safety. An ergonomic seat keeps your back and legs happy for hours of paddling, and extra deck straps and lines let you store gear and assist with rescues. Adjustable thigh braces give you great control and comfort. An origami-inspired folding hatch lets you easily access camping gear.


All of these features are custom designed to Oru Kayak’s standards of function, aesthetics, and innovation. Together, they add up to a kayak that is the new standard for on-water adventures. The design and engineering of the Coast collection is both ingenious and simple: it is made from a single, seamless sheet of double‐layered, recyclable plastic. A patented pattern of folds transforms the flat sheet into sleek, fast, minimalist watercraft. Packed up, the Coast kayak can easily be carried in a pack or with a shoulder strap. Ten minutes of assembly later, it is a strong, durable, and game changing boat—ideal for exploring rough coastlines, big lakes, and almost any water body.



Coast and Coast+: 16’ long (488 cm), 25” wide (64 cm)

Weight: Coast 31 pounds (14.1 kg), Coast+ 34 pounds (15.4 kg)

Assembly time: 10 minutes

MSRP: Coast $1975, Coast+ $2375






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