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01 Feb Outdoor Aesthetics x BRIGHT Tradeshow Recap

BRIGHT Tradeshow has successfully introduced a whole range of new concepts for its Winter 2017 edition. Another joint show of both BRIGHT and SEEK at Berlin’s Arena, a cooperation established in summer 2015, the last couple of days proved that this alliance has indeed become Europe’s key hub for Streetwear and Contemporary Men’s Fashion.

Presenting an all-new, more unified and integrated tradeshow experience – for the first time visitors were guided along a single path that included both BRIGHT and SEEK – the approach to showcase multiple sections within one joint presentation turned out a massive success, attracting more international visitors than ever before.

Apart from the all-new booth design and improved layout, a key to the success of BRIGHT XXIV was its well-defined segments: Introducing new key sections including the Accessories Area, Bright Urban and a special segment co-curated by us, Outdoor Aesthetics, visitors were thrilled to browse an extended version of the classic BRIGHT DNA, which consists of the latest in Streetwear & Skateboarding. Especially the new Outdoor Section, which is going to be a key segment in upcoming years, pointed the way ahead with its focus on Sustainability, Techwear and a successful link between Design and Function. Inspiring buyers to redefine, extend and broaden their portfolios was an important part of the BRIGHT XXIV experience. Additionally, the latest edition also featured various art shows, a new music stage, tattoo action as well as exclusive launch and anniversary events.

We’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to what turned out another incredible tradeshow experience.
Special thanks to:

– Alchemy Equipment
– Arys
– Deejo
– Dosh
– FCE/Ficouture
– Garmin
– Heimplanet
– Hippy Tree

– Jeckybeng
– Keen
– Leatherman
– Man Of Moods/Mountain Of Moods
– Nameless
– Otter
– Snow Peak
– Stanley

– Another Escape
– Field Notes
– Go Out
– Les Others
– Sidetracked
– The Rolling Home

We’re thrilled to announce that SEEK and BRIGHT x Outdoor Aesthetics will return to Berlin’s Arena for the forthcoming Summer 2017 edition.
Save the date: Bright XXV, July 4-6, 2017
Arena, Am Flutgraben, 12435 Berlin, Germany



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