MIZU | V12 Wide Series

by Pascal Rohé

Mizu has taken the outdoor drink bottle market by storm. The still relatively young brand from North America has won over sportspeople and outdoor enthusiasts with its beautifully-designed and well-thought-out ideas. I was able to see the quality for myself when I recently tested the innovative G7 Glass Bottle.


It wasn’t that long ago when Mizu brought out the V8, a very good, classic insulated bottle. I was even more excited when they announced that they were going to further expand their range of insulated bottles in 2016. As it turns out, the new bottles from the V series are quite different from their siblings.


The double-walled, vacuum-sealed bottles of the V series were developed with a focus on function and durability, and comes in four sizes, from small, versatile travel mugs to an epic two-litre growler.


Particularly striking is Mizu’s new Hammer Paint finish that simply refuses to come off, even under the harshest treatment. And the quality really is remarkable. Through the use of stainless steel and practically no plastic, the bottles are not only robust but also look great and are, naturally, BPA-free.


I was able to test the second largest from the series, the Mizu V12, which has a volume of 1.2 litres. A striking feature is the larger opening, which has the advantage of not only being easier to drink from but also making them easier to fill, be it with other drinks or meals. The bottle will keep hot contents warm for up to 12 hours or cold contents cool for up to 24 hours. Of course, depending on the temperature of the surroundings.


I was curious to see how the bottle performs under real conditions and tested the V12 on one of my outings with real food. The bottle can either be filled at home before a trip or used to store leftovers from meals cooked outdoors. Being lazy, I didn’t get around to preparing something fresh, instead I simply filled the V12 with a Forestia meal that I had pre-cooked.


Seeing as it’s not possible to eat directly from the bottle, I transferred the contents into a camp cup instead, and behold, my Green Lentil Curry was still hot and fresh after 3 hours outside in 5 degree temperatures. The test was a clear success!


Conclusion: The Misu V series is a very welcome addition to my outdoor drink bottle collection. You don’t always have the time or opportunity to prepare food on the go, so I really like the idea of taking food from home with me when heading out on day-trips. Whether it’s a fruit salad in summer, a hot soup in winter or some bread dough to bake over a campfire is up to you! The V series has proven itself to be extremely flexible and with four sizes to choose from, there’s guaranteed to be a suitable one for every occasion.


– 1.200ml
– Vacuum sealed double wall construction
– 18/8 food grade stainless steel
– wide mouth stainless steel vacuum sealed lid
– 100% BPA free, 100% reusable & recyclable
– lifetime warranty





(Photos: Julia Zierer for Outdoor Aesthetics)