• The Adventure Supply Co. Expedition Log Book Kit
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03 Dez The Adventure Supply Co. Expedition Log Book Kit

Inspired by the log books of great adventurers like Lewis & Clark—this notebook is all you need to start documenting your next adventure. Map your journey, sketch your surroundings, collect bits and pieces along the way, and bring it all home with you in a meaningful artifact.

Comes with:

  • Expedition Moleskin Log Book — to tell the story of your journey
  • Black Le Pen — to jot down your thoughts
  • „You Are An Explorer“ manifesto — to inspire you to get out and go
  • Roll of yellow Washi tape — to affix adventure relics and remnants into your log
  • One binder clip — to mark your page
  • Linen drawstring carrying bag — to keep all your items together in a backpack or a suitcase


Produced by the Adventure Supply Co. & screen printed in the USA.



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