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30 Nov A Van Life story by Evan Skoczenski

„Hundreds of miles in the rear view, hundreds of miles at your fingertips. The feeling of being lost in the moment in a place that is changing as fast as the yellow stripes trickle down the pavement, this feeling is what draws me to the open road and all the places in between. The road has always been a constant source of peace and freedom for me in my life, not to mention the inspiration for almost all of my photography. The small moments almost gone unseen are what my eye is drawn to. Being on the road living out of my van and seeing life through a windshield has shaped the way I take photos. Having the frame of a window in front of me acting like the viewfinder of a camera, I am regularly composing different landscapes as they zoom by at 63 mph. 

Having access to amazing outdoor recreation roads and trails within 30 minutes from town in Washington makes getting away from the busy city life that much easier. Lost somewhere in the woods is usually where you will find my friends and I. Once outside away from the loud city and everyone in it, for a second you realize how quiet the world really is.

Everything I own and need to live is inside my 70sq foot van, I have the ability to turn the key and take off in any direction. Whether it be quick weekend trips with my buddies back in Washington or a solo cross country mob to visit old friends in Colorado. I will always feel at home on the road.“



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