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08 Dez Travel short film „Alive“ by Alessandro Rovere

Alessandro Rovere is a 32 years old director, editor & photographer from Berlin, Germany. Together with his friends from BetterBackPacking, he experienced „the biggest adventure of his life“.

They travel three weeks through the north of the Indian Himalayas. Through jungles, deserts, forests and snow. They made it up to 5000m, where they slept in tents under the brightest stars. Sourrounded by the summits of the 6000m giants with the impressions of one of the most exciting cultures, of our world. The air got thinner but their minds became razor-sharp. This wasn’t just a physical adventure – it was also a mental journey to their inner selfs which led what it means to be alive!

„Our journey took us over three weeks from Himachal Pradesh to Kashmir. I went on this trip with a backpacking-startup and it was the first trip of this kind for me. The adventure started at around 2000mt. altitude in Shimla and led us through the jungle-like hillsides of Bashal Peak, the forests of Sangla – spooky covered in fog, the stone- and snowdeserts of Spiti-Valley and finally to the wild of Kashmir. We bushwhacked our path over and under fallen trees, took a bath in an icecold mountain lake and prayed with the monks of the oldest buddhist monastery of India. The hands and feet were cold but the hearts were warm.

To live up to all the aspects of this trip in just 3 minutes is nearly impossible. So I decided to focus on that feeling it gave me and that I still carry around with me. The feeling of the moment. Here and now. No need for tomorrow or yesterday. Contemplating the universe and myself in it. Leaving behind the complexity and getting back to the simple things. Breathing in…and out. The feeling of being alive, this – for me – is the essence of traveling and the essence of this film.“

– Alessandro Rovere




  • Daria
    Posted at 21:58h, 03 Dezember Antworten

    Great video made with love, warmness and staying in moment!

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