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27 Jan Trekking the Ocean with the Seatrekking experts ÁETEM

Seatrekking is a newly formed outdoor scene and Seatrekking means adventure. Previous to setting off, a route, which is to be covered snorkeling and freediving within several days, is determined. Equipped with a waterproof and floatable backpack, the seatrekkers travel along the coastlines, exploring and discovering nature – below the water surface as well as above. The nights are spent ashore on the beach beneath the stars.

The Germany-based collective ÁETEM is the young brand behind Seatrekking.

»To escape the overload of everyday life’s materialism, we were looking for a way to feel what’s essential again – the simplicity of life within nature.«

The designers and outdoor-junkies from ÁETEM not only developed their own innovative waterproof backpack, the Big Pack „James C.“ 2.0 Seatrekking Pack, they are also offering personal guided trails and the knowledge to learn the necessary skills, including free-diving, snorkeling, hiking and survival knowledge. The high end Big Packs are manufactured in Bavaria on demand.

Together with a bunch of friends the founders of Seatrekking travelled to the seacoast of Los Gigantes in Tenerife, Spain, where they followed the coastline in the Atlantic Ocean and hiked up onto Teno Mountain.

Photos by Martina Schlüter


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