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06 Feb //_PATH by photographer and 3D artist Mark Dorf

Brooklyn-based photographer Mark Dorf is digitally altering landscapes and creating an alternate universe in which skies coexist alongside bright color gradients, wooded trees and sunlit clearings, next to 3D-rendered apparitions of a house or data visualizations.

While the word „escape“ is used often during travel, Dorf recognizes that we’ve developed personal filters that result in searching for the expected, rather than discovering the unexpected.

His series titled //_PATH investigates digital photography, collage, 3D rendering, and 3D scanning technology. The focus of his images lies on strict geometric and synthetic forms which contrast with the landscape they are inserted in.

„There are few moments in the modern western world that are not influenced by digital technology and connectivity through the World Wide Web. Our personal devices are integrated into nearly every part of our lives affecting our social, emotional, and physical relationships. As technology translates and augments the human experience into a quantifiable, navigable, and cataloged language, we no longer log on or off, but rather create harmony living within the framework of technology and the Internet.“


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