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18 Nov Vollebak’s Solar Charged Puffer

This Solar Charged Puffer from Vollebak is made from a highly responsive material that can be instantly charged and made to glow in the dark by any light source you can find. Whether you’re writing on it with your iPhone torch, drawing on it with a flashlight, charging it up underneath a lightbulb, or wearing it out in the sun, as soon as you take it somewhere dark it glows like kryptonite. And while this is the kind of tech that would normally only work in a lab, the Solar Charged Puffer is built for the coldest, darkest places on Earth. Engineered with a 3 layer waterproof fabric, ultra-durable detailing and insulation that keeps you warm down to -40°C, it’s one of the most extraordinarily technical jackets ever made.

The core technology that enables the Solar Charged Puffer to glow is the second layer – an ultra-thin membrane just below the surface of the jacket. Engineered with a phosphorescent compound, it rapidly stores any light it comes into contact with and re-emits it slowly over time. The membrane acts as if it’s alive, absorbing sunlight like a plant. And with the phosphorescence engineered into the membrane itself, the tech sits at the very centre of the fabric, so it can’t wash out or rub off.

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